Team development

The aspiration of every business is to have individuals that work effectively with others resulting in greater performance.  Teams working effectively can be challenging to achieve – hybrid working models, virtual communication pitfalls, geography, diversity and general alignment of goals can pose problems – not to mention that each team, regardless of its size, has a unique combination of individuals to lead and manage to deliver a common goal. 

At People Untapped we design and deliver bespoke team development experiences that enable teams to be high performing (or at least enable them to take the required steps towards moving in that direction). 

Typically, we offer a very tailored approach (in terms of the amount of time required, the depth and the tools required etc…) so we’ll work with you to design a bespoke team intervention as per your needs and desired outcomes.   

Whether it’s for rapidly scaling tech organisations, or large corporate boards or functional leadership teams, we offer:

With our experience, agility & genuine passion in this space, we will work in partnership with you to design & deliver something sustainable to support your unique team to fly.

"Fantastic, thank you. The team engagement day really helped with building some essential ‘glue’ in our team, propelling us forward. "
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