Matrix leadership

Matrix Leadership

With complexity comes challenges.   As many global organisations are organised in matrix structures, there are subtle changes to the demands of leaders.   Leaders within matrixed organisations are often senior with high levels of technical expertise, but not always having to directly manage large numbers of people.    Matrix leaders can only succeed through exceptional influence and collaboration.

We’ve developed a number of leadership development programmes specifically aimed at the matrix leader – looking at leadership through a matrix lens.   In these programmes we build these capabilities:

Inspiring others to perform, to collaborate, to disagree and to make things happen through influence and navigation of complex stakeholder communities (because you cannot ‘tell’ them what to do) are easy to say, and much harder to do.

At People Untapped, we use our extensive experience of leadership development and professional skills development, combining our knowledge of learning, with our understanding of how complex organisations work to create powerful Matrix Leadership Development opportunities.   Of course, in addition to our modular approach to designing leadership development programmes, we back up our learning with diagnostics, specific 360 feedback (about matrix leadership capabilities), psychometrics and access to a blended learning platform to support the learning journey.  

Delegates can expect:

  • Practical workshops or group coaching sessions – with useful tools, discussion and opportunities to practice in a safe environment, facilitated by engaging leadership development experts and coaches
  • Peer support – including peer coaching in small cohort groups
  • Diagnostic tools to provide personal insight and bring self-awareness
  • Blended learning platform and learning journal – for reflection, pre- and post- work, inspirational curated content and social discussion forum with fellow learners
  • 1:1 executive coaching to support embedding learning, awareness, personal development planning and feedback

Do get in touch if you’d like to know more about our leadership development options and to discuss how best to build something perfect for you.

"Matrix management is a technique for managing an organisation through multiple-reporting relationships, as opposed to a more traditional management reporting structure. It combines functional and product departments in a matrix authority system"
Oxford Dictionary