A professional coach is a catalyst for performance and professional growth.  They’ll offer both support and challenge, creating the conditions for you to do your best thinking.  Each coaching conversation will enable you to take some action that is aligned with who you are as a person and what you want to achieve.  Coaches typically have a wealth of experience and knowledge, but their role isn’t to tell you what to do.  They provide insight and feedback, build your awareness, and provide whatever support you need to enable you to resolve your challenges, take action, and drive up your own performance.   We offer a full spectrum of coaching services including:

Founder Coaching Partnerships

We know that the founder journey is littered with big challenges – from fundraising to leading people to co-founder relationship grumbles and many more besides.  Unless you are a serial founder, you might find yourself ‘in at the deep end’ frequently, with little prior deep experience of running a business, but with limited people to turn to for support, challenge and guidance (who don’t have some kind of vested interest in your organisation’s performance).    A professional coaching partner will offer both support and challenge, being a thinking partner for you, and creating the space for you to do your very best thinking.

Every founder’s needs are different, and they can often evolve over time.   We believe it’s important not to be too purist about coaching for founders, but to truly partner with you to work out what you need, and how best to provide that for you.   There are times when we find ourselves:-

  • Coaching for leadership capabilities – sharing tools and models that might help everyday
  • Being an independent sounding board – your critical friend, supporting and challenging in equal measure (and sometimes giving you the feedback that no-one else will say)
  • Advising on people, organisation and culture – approaches, options and implications
  • Mentoring you with advice if we’ve been there before ourselves (or connecting you with other trusted people that have)
  • Observation in real life – giving you feedback on how we see you show up with your team
  • Facilitating your leadership team to work together, holding the space for the real conversations to unlock their collective performance
  • Mediating to resolve conflict or tension between co-founders or between you and specific team members (or bringing in a professional mediator to support)

One-to-one executive coaching for –

  • senior leaders wanting to develop their leadership capabilities e.g. impact, influence, behaviours, relationships, strategic thinking,
  • new appointees to critical roles, or returners from leave – enabling them to transition and embed to their role
  • managers and leaders wishing to get comprehensive feedback on their capabilities and development needs – through 360 and 180 feedback and deep developmental debriefs
  • talent who may have lost a sense of professional / career direction

Coaching Clinics

For organisations wishing to offer short coaching support to a broader range of staff, we can operate a ‘coaching clinic’ approach, whereby an individual qualified coach would work with multiple staff members over the course of a day at your premises or online.    We also often offer coaching clinics to accompany our other development programmes – supporting the further embedding of skills, capabilities and mindset. 

Our coaching packages are flexible to suit the coaching goals, budget, style and level of the coachee. We work to match the coach with the coachee carefully and evaluate the impact of the coaching on results.  We only work with fully qualified coaches, who are in regular supervision and committed to their continuing professional development and growth.

What results can coaching deliver?

This varies widely from one client to the next, depending on the goals set and the effort put in to achieving them by the coachee.   For our longer coaching assignments, we have a measurement methodology to take stock of the coachee starting point and measuring change over time. Typically, coaching can be expected to deliver positive change in areas such as behaviour at work, leadership capability, influence, commercial performance, engagement and satisfaction at work, and clarity on goals, aspirations and development.   Rest assured, we’re committed to delivering results. 

Selecting the right coach

  • Step 1: One of our Directors will have an initial conversation with the sponsor, HR partner or coachee directly, to understand more about the objectives of the coaching support, about the person, and what style might work best
  • Step 2: We share written and video biographies usually of one or two shortlisted coaches who we believe would be a great fit for the coachee and their particular needs
  • Step 3: The coachee has a short ‘chemistry’ meeting with one or more coaches to decide who feels right for them, based on a short experience of them being coached.   It’s important that the coachee really connects with and fully trusts the coach, and that their style of coaching gets the best thinking from the coachee.  

Want to know more?  Please get in touch and one of our Directors will be happy to discuss your specific needs and how our coaching approaches might be able to support.    We have transparent pricing and a range of packages available.

"It’s the techniques we discussed I need to develop in situations where I am not confident in the subject matter. I really did find our session helpful…it is interesting to take time to reflect in depth, thank you. "
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