Career and talent development

One of our core areas of expertise lies in our range of interventions designed to support the career development of individuals at work, and foster engagement with the organisation as a result.

Career development programme for individuals

We have developed a highly engaging & successful career development programme, primarily aimed at supporting employees with their taking accountability for their career direction & ongoing development. 

The programme can be fully tailored to suit the organisational context, however typically involves a blended learning approach involving diagnostics, self-reflection, manager feedback, two group workshops and 1:1 coaching. 

The programme results in individuals developing clear long term career and development plans, that are supported by their managers & other stakeholders.  We have measured the impact of this programme on employee engagement & delegates demonstrate a significant increase in long term  satisfaction with their careers as reported 3 months after having attended the programme.

Here are some figures from a recent programme evaluation with over 70 delegates.

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Clarity on career direction typically increased by 20%
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The support individuals receive for their careers and development increased on average by 19%
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Clarity about development focus and action typically increased by 22%
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Other aspects of satisfaction with the employer (not directly related to careers) also increased by 4%
Here’s what a few delegates had to say:

Here’s an external case study written by Team Management Systems Development International about how we leverage TMS personality profiles in these career development programmes with one of our key clients, GlaxoSmithKline.

We also offer an open programme, My Career, using innovative use of blended virtual learning. This can also be combined with 1:1 coaching to enable remote members of staff or individual learners to access such a programme.

Career coaching skills for leaders

Supporting Careers is a powerful programme focused on equipping managers and leaders with the career coaching skills required to have high impact career and development conversations at work. The 2-day workshop is highly experiential, involving practice and observed conversations, along with working on self-awareness and their own career growth as a by-product. Delegates have the opportunity to receive a feedback report from their own direct reports to focus their learning. After 2 months, delegates are expected to attend a 2-hour review webinar to assess progress and receive support with application of learning. This practical skill building intervention develops the skills of coaching (rather than mentoring) for career development. It is best used in conjunction with talent based career development programmes, in order that leaders can fully embed and sustain individual career development.

One of our major clients won the 2015 UK International Coach Federation’s PRISM Award for excellence in coaching, as a result of the work we designed and led in building career coaching capabilities.

Career and talent development, consulting and research

We have supported major organisations in developing core materials and web-based content to provide tools and resources to support careers of employees. We firmly believe in integrating such content with existing organisational frameworks, models and systems. We are also routinely asked to review organisations’ current processes and practices in relation to career and talent management, undertaking both qualitative and quantitative research to independently evaluate current practice and make unbiased recommendations for improvement.

We offer clients bespoke consulting around their overall talent strategy, identification of talent (including bespoke assessment or development centres). We also design specific talent development programmes to address organisational needs, using the right combination of face to face interventions, online learning and 1:1 coaching to accelerate the development of the those with greatest potential to impact your business

We are currently embarking upon an important research study to understand the state of the career development staff in organisations – to capture good practice, share knowledge and highlight gaps. If you are interested in knowing more, or are interested in your organisation taking part in this research, please do get in touch.

"This programme gave me the time to have a serious and meaningful discussion regarding myself and career in a totally objective and positive manner"
Design Director