Professional skills development

We offer a broad range of core and bespoke learning programmes to build key professional and behavioural skills at work.   These programmes are typically aimed at early to mid-career professionals, often individual contributors not in managerial or leadership roles.

Most of our professional skills training aims to develop one of the following capabilities:

Personal Development Prioritisation and Organisational Skills Needs Analysis

We have introduced a Personal Development Prioritisation diagnostic which enables individuals and organisations to prioritise their professional skills development needs.  This supports clients to prioritise their overall professional skills curriculum, and to demand-plan for their people’s needs and focus for their training offerings.   Do contact us to discuss if this might be useful for your organisation. 

Building the foundations, or going deeper

Across our professional skills curriculum, we have training at two different levels:-

  1. Foundational workshops – typically stand-alone half-day workshops (either virtual or face to face), which act as a focused introductory learning session on a capability area. As a guide, pricing for these workshops tends to work out at around £100/delegate (we bill per cohort).


  1. Masterclasses for deeper learning – typically deeper full 1 or 2-day programmes, supported by our blended learning platform and appropriate diagnostic tools. We usually run a follow-up virtual session to support embedding of learning for delegates.   As a guide, pricing for these masterclasses tends to work out from £280 – £440 per delegate (face to face training, excluding travel costs, billed by cohort). 


Masterclasses typically follow a sustaining learning journey, including:

  • Prepare – where delegates are expected to complete a number of activities to initiate and focus their learning goals, self-assess their competence and confidence, along with reading or watching key articles or videos to start the learning.
  • Practice – typically 1-2 days of practical, interactive, expert facilitated workshop using simple, core models with live exercises to practice and build skills.
  • Apply – where delegates are expected to complete a number of challenges or activities as part of their ‘day job’ or as part of their reflective learning to put the skills learnt into practice
  • Review – delegates are encouraged to review their progress, and we run a virtually facilitated review workshop – to further review, embed skills and reflect on progress and application.

Our approach is simple, we want to enable individuals to develop their non-technical skills to help them be awesome in their roles.

We also design and deliver bespoke professional skills programmes to meet specific client requirements, or to dovetail with internal initiatives. We are open to designing programmes that are internally branded or co-branded where there are likely to be multiple sessions.  

Do get in touch if you’d like to know more about our professional skills development options, to receive details about the specific programmes available or to discuss how best to build something perfect for you.

Professional Skills
"Also known as soft skills or human skills - hold the key to better leadership. Companies should place importance on building soft skills within their business, especially for leaders—the ability to teach and be teachable and have the vulnerability to ask for help. "
Simon Sinek
"Many thanks for the inspiring course – I thought you did a great job of facilitating the high quality content and the feedback from the team was equally positive. "
EMEA Regional Head of HR